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A new location as part of Laurence Jenkell's New York Art exhibition in the heart of Manhattan:

Window Boutique at the Garment District.





In addition to the contemporary art trail inside the New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), a new space hosts an artwork by Laurence Jenkell as part of the exhibition "Crossroads of the World":

Window Boutique at the Garment District - 209 West 38th Street, 10018 New York




New York Art exhibition 2018 Laurence Jenkell solo show Crossroads of the World at Garment District - Manhattan

Wrapping Candy "iridescent"
Plexiglass iridescent 168 cm (66 inch)
Plexiglass base 60 x 60 x 12 cm (23 x 23 inch)
Unique piece