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The new work of art by Laurence Jenkell:

The Elephant Sculpture "Jelly Wrap"




I choose the elephant because it symbolizes strength. The pressure and the act of torsion that I applied to its body expresses a radical gesture of refusal towards what the animal world is going through today.

Not only do I revolt against the famine faced by animals in some countries, and even in some communities, but also more generally against the abuse they suffer from (abuse, violence, poaching, etc).

As an artist, I consider it to be my duty to denounce this critical situation: 300,000 elephants are killed each year in Africa in which 50,000 are slaughtered for their tusks.

Through this work I also speak out about the environment issues and global warming that affects water resources. With my Wrapping Elephant I have taken a position for the animal cause. Unlike poachers, I artistically mistreated the elephant, twisting its stomach to shock public opinion and raise awareness.

I choose to create my subject in a noble material for the Elephant King, the aluminium polybrillant which adds strength to my twist and magnifies the work as a jewel thus referring to the illegal trade of the animal’s tusks used to make ivory jewelry.

Laurence Jenkell, contemporary sculptor - Sculpture elephant Jelly Wrap made of polybrilliant aluminum

Elephant Sculpture Jelly Wrap
Polybrilliant Aluminium
270 x 255 x 108 cm