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Monaco: Laurence Jenkell exhibits her artworks at the Grimaldi Forum and presents in preview her new artwork about environment:
Wrapping Trash Can sculpture.





Laurence Jenkell reveals her inner self as well as her feelings about world nowadays.

By creating a polibrillant Aluminum garbage can sculpture on which she applies her famous twist, it is her whole being merging into her artwork. Her artwork marks her time and is part of a visionary research on the current world we live in.

With her Wrapping trash can sculpture, Laurence Laurence Jenkell takes a stand on topical issues, the evolution of our consumer society and even overconsumption, waste, environment, hunger in the world etc. It brings up the debate on poignant subjects such as waste in the oceans, open-air dumps, etc. and raises other issues such as global warming. It upgrades the garbage can, redesigns it, reinvents and gives it a new meaning. She re-interprets the trash can, gives it a cultural and intellectual dimension and makes it an object of art, covetousness and desire for appropriation.




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Laurence Jenkell, contemporary sculptor,exhibits her nartworks at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Her new artwork Wrapping trash can. His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco

S.A.S. Prince Albert II and Laurence Jenkell at the Grimaldi Forum

Laurence Jenkell, contemporary sculptor's new artwork: Wrapping trash can