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- Milano World Expo 2015: Sculpture Candy Flag Azerbaijan
- Venice OFF 56° Biennale: Sculpture Icy Candy Man
- Laurence Jenkell's participation to the charity auction on May 7th 2015, that was organized by Christie's to the benefit of the Erasmus funds
- program of the monumental sculptures' Exhibitions goes on for 2015





Bonbon Drapeau Azerbaïdjan - Sculpture - jenkell - exposition universelle de Milan 2015

Candy Flag Azerbaijan
Polyester 7 m

Milano World Expo 2015



At the moment: Laurence Jenkell exhibits her sculpture Candy Flag Azerbaijan to the Milano World Expo 2015


Right now and until October 31st, 2015, the sculpture Candy Flag Azerbaijan of Laurence Jenkell is exhibited at the pavilion of Azerbaijan for the Milano World Expo 2015.
This is a sculpture made of polyester and measures 7 meters.
Milano World Expo 2015 - 2 via Rovello - Milan



















Icy Candy Man - Sculpture - jenkell - Venice OFF Biennale 2015

Icy Candy Man
Transparent plexiglass hand cut
Jenkell 2015

OFF 56ème Venice OFF Biennale 2015



Laurence Jenkell exhibition at the Venice OFF Biennale from 9 May to 22 November 2015


While the artist and musician Celeste Boursier-Mougenot represents France at this year's Venice OFF Biennale, world renowned French sculptor artist Laurence Jenkell, will be represented by her gallery for the first time in Venice, on the occasion of OFF 56th Biennale of Venice in an unusual place facing the Giardini, near the Arsenal.
Laurence Jenkell chose to show an installation of a sculpture "Icy Candy Man" transparent plexiglas glued together and cut into the mass, by hand, like a block of marble.






























Le Chat au Journal

Le Chat au Journal
photo credit: Vincent Everarts



Laurence Jenkell participated to the charity auction on May 7th 2015, that is organized by Christie's to the benefit of the Erasmus funds to support medical research.


Laurence Jenkell participated at this charity auction among others renowned artists. (Ben, Jean Boghossian, Michaël Borremans, Isabelle de Borchgrave, Hervé Di Rosa, Garouste, Philippe Geluck, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Luc Moerman, François Schuiten, Pierre Soulages, Jeanne Susplugas and Yan Pei-Ming)
Each artist has a customized the artwork « Le Chat au Journal » of Philippe Geluck.
View the catalog


And also the results of recent auctions of works of Laurence Jenkell
























Jenkell bonbon monumentale

Candy monumental sculpture



The program of exhibitions of monumental sculptures in cities continues in Beijing and Shanghai (China), Beirut (Lebanon), Moscow (Russia) and Istanbul (Turkey)


































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