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The new work of art by Laurence Jenkell:

Wrapping Fridge sculpture




Medias show us on a daily basis starvation images that cannot leave us insensitive. A humanitarian drama takes place before our eyes (for example in South Sudan or Somalia) and we are feeling powerless against those tragedies. More than 30 million people are in emergency food or threatened by famine. Whole villages are empty and people flee from war or drought, sometimes both.

Laurence Jenkell does not pretend to stem these scourges but with her art she expresses her refusal of powerlessness and tries to sensitize peoples with a artwork that is internationally strongly noticeable to everyone.

Even if the artist refuses to make politics, she can’t help herself from reacting to environmental problems, nor to an economic and political reality. She uses an ordinary everyday object, the refrigerator, more commonly called « Frigidaire » from the name of its inventor. This object is the very symbol of the consumer society and also the symbol of success in some countries.

By creating a Wrapping Fridge sculpture, Laurence Jenkell seeks to raise awareness of global warming and destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere.

The artist used a real refrigerator and asked a specialist technician to remove the gas without any leakage. With the Frigidaire thus twisted, the artist makes a parallel with the ice of the freezer which melted (and the melting of the snows due to the global warming) and adds another symbol through refrigerator’s half opened door, as if the Wrapping Frigidaire itselt wanted to cool down the planet.

When somebody is hungry, his first move will be to open his so called « Frigidaire », and only if hus is lucky enough to own one. The Wrapping Refrigerator sculpture is a call from the artist for a raise of awareness. It is radical gesture of rejection against a reality that we impose ourselves and an international crisis that we are experiencing. The twist that the Artist applies to her « Frigidaire » symbolizes the fact that everyone is now forced to stitch his belt, deprive himself, reduce his expenses, his way of life. The very act of twisting is a voluntary and powerful act in which the artist uses her whole self being to express her disagreement and her refusal. She thus magnifies the refrigerator object which she elevates to the level of Art piece. The will to realize the Wrapping Refrigerator sculpture in Aluminum polybrillant material and its perfect finish makes of this banal and usual object an iconic work of art resembling a goldsmith’s finished piece.

Laurence Jenkell, contemporary sculptor - Sculpture WRAPPING Fridge made of Polymirror aluminum

Wrapping Fridge
Aluminum Polymirror
162 x 68 x 60 cm
Edition 8 + 4 A.P.