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The new work of art by Laurence Jenkell:

Wrapping Coffee Maker sculpture




Aa a big coffee drinker, Laurence Jenkell has chosen to create a Wrapping Coffee Maker sculpture to pay tribute to this iconic drink consumed around the world and knowned to everyone. She choose the most famous in the world, the Moka coffee maker, also known as the Italian coffee maker or macchinetta. Since its creation in 1933, this coffee maker has become an icon, a design object exhibited in museums. After water, coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world, with two out of three people drinking coffee. In addition to its aroma and special taste, this drink has virtues that justify its consumption around the world (morning coffee to wake up, midday coffee, coffee breaks etc).

Yesterday’s coffee maker no longer resembles todays’ machines and yet throughout the world each family has its own ritual. Not just in the choice of coffee types, origins, roasting, beans or grind, but also the coffee maker itself. Making coffee is an art, tasting it and appreciating it is also an art. It is a ritual rooted in morals and time. Tasting it is a pleasure that we like to share, a true moment of conviviality and relaxation. It is hard to imagine a world without coffee but by making this Coffee Maker Wrapping, Laurence Jenkell is raising a cry of alarm as she applies her famous twist to the artwork to raise awareness that this drink will not always exist. Wild coffee is threatened with extinction. Arabica is in decline. Robusta, which is well named, is resisting better and will undoubtedly be the coffee of the future, when world production will have dropped by half, in 2050.

The artist choose to make her Coffee Maker Wrapping sculpture out of aluminium, paying tribute to its creator, Alfonso Bialetti who used aluminium to make the body of his coffee maker, which was very innovative at the time. Twisted in a polished aluminium casting, Laurence Jenkell elevates her Coffee Maker Wrapping sculpture to a work of art, enhancing the iconic coffee maker.

Laurence Jenkell, contemporary sculptor - Sculpture Coffee Machine 2017

COFFEE MAKER Wrapping, 2017
Polybrillant aluminium
115 x 110 x 65 cm
Edition of 8 + 4 A.P.