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Solo Show in Saint-Tropez, summer 2019

Exhibition date: 03 Jul 2019 - 10 Sep 2019

The Wrapping Twist are exhibited in Saint-Tropez throughout the summer (rue du Marché, behind Sénéquier) from 3rd July to 10th September 2019.

Created from 2017, echoing concerns related to environmental issues, and in the continuity of the twist, Wrapping Twist are created in different colors and formats. It's the twist that defines the work and imposes itself on the object it deforms.

Some Candy sculptures are also on display.

Opening on 16th July with the artist.

Additional signing session with the artist on Friday 6th September from 6pm.

Galerie Jenkell, Saint Tropez

Address: France, Saint-Tropez, 1 rue du Marché, angle rue des Commerçants

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